About the Author

I have big passions and big dreams. And I don’t like to hold back.

I also love poker. It’s an odd game, I know. Not everybody understands it. But there is something about staring across a table at an opponent with my fingers drumming on the felt that gets my heart racing. Poker is a test of wills and confidence above everything else. The luck, the math, and even the money are all secondary.

I want to travel the world. I want to see England, France, Italy, Africa, Russia, Australia, and Brazil. I want to live on both coasts – in California and New England. One day, I want to sit at the World Series of Poker. I want to get married near a lake.

Above all of this, writing is my first love. I love bringing characters, setting, and story to life. Writing is about sharing excitement, passion, and feeling with others, through the characters I create and the plots I weave. If I have made you feel something I have fulfilled my role as a writer. I hope you will take the time to enjoy one of my books. Each has been a labor of love that is worth nothing if it is not shared.